How It Works

follow these instructions to place an order!

How to use our Package Forwarding

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1. Sign up with Reach!

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Ensure your account details are up to date, including pickup location.

2. shop!

Fill your cart from your favourite American retailers and get ready to check out. Please ensure your items are legal and safe to import to Canada.

3. Input your new u.s. shipping address

Use the address found on your Reach account as your shipping address.

4. Check out

Complete your order as usual.


If the retailer doesn’t accept your Canadian credit card, let us know! We have an American credit card handy under our Personal Shopping service (this is a 7.5% fee added on to your final invoice).

5. Send us your receipt/Invoice


Email your receipt & tracking information to [email protected] and we will send you a confirmation email.


Please let us know if your package is oversized. This counts as anything above 20 lbs and above 120″ inches.

6. Pick up & Pay fees

Pick up your packages at any Reach E-Shop location and pay your fees –


1. Reach Fee ($11.99/first 5 lbs & $7 for every 5 lbs after)

2. Duties & Taxes (click here for CBSA calculator)



Want it shipped to you? We offer discounted shipping rates to your address. Let us know and we will invoice you for the fees & shipping costs.



Did you order clothes?



We know that online shopping for clothes can be tricky. That’s why you can try them on right in our store when you receive them. Don’t like an item? We will handle the returns for you!


What about returns?


We can handle all returns through our store so you don’t have to. We have label printing, packaging, and shipping services back to The States for all members.


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